Linda Sherwin Consulting



Linda believes astrology, LeNormand Tarot and Feng Shui can be used to find the best possibilities in life. After a career as Executive Director of National Health Nonprofits, she is now free to follow her passion: making life better through the use of metaphysical tools.

She has a master's degree in counseling from Lindenwood University and has studied and practiced astrology for 40 years. She studies with noted astrologer and author Steven Forrest. Linda has served on the Board of Kepler College, in Seattle, Washington. She is currently on the board of the Astrological Association of St. Louis (AAStL).

She studied Feng Shui with author Terah Collins, author of The Western School of Feng Shui and has practiced it both professionally and personally in her home for two decades. She also studied making Sacred Space with Karen Kingston, and used her methods (and Terah's) to bless her own home.

She uses LeNormand Tarot in a horoscope layout, fusing the language of astrology with the wisdom of Tarot.


 Classes and Personal Tutoring

Classes change monthly.  Click the box below for more information.

Private tutoring is avaiable for $20/hour. 

Private Readings

An astrology reading is an interpretation of the symbols in your birth cart for the purpose of forecasting future possibilities or gaining self understanding. These sessions can be for an individual, a couple, or a group. Our discussion is  always confidential.

When is a consultation helpful?

The astrological chart can be an invaluable aid in counseling by identifying old defense mechanisms or patterns that may have been helpful in the past, but not so much now.  It is the quickest way by far to identify patterns or events that are affecting you now.

  • For fun!

  • To identify what is going on, why now, and when it might end?

  • How can you use the energy you are feeling to get the most benefit from it?

  • Get your love, career or health forecast!

  • To find out your compatibility with another person!

  • To make your intentions reality!

  • To examine your mission in life this time around!