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I"ve studied astrology most of my adult life.  But, because of my upbringing, felt slightly guilty about it.  Then I interviewed a Jesuit priest and astrologer for radio. I asked him if the Church and Astrology made strange bedfellows. He replied "If the God has written wisdom into the stars, who are we not to read them?" That idea freed me up to pursue astrology with passion.  The benefits of astrology to humanity are great!

The stars don't compel us to do things, but the movement of the planets do inform us.  It is much better to go with the flow than try to swim upstream!  Astrology helps us stay in the flow of the times.  As a result, we can make more conscious and efficient decisions.

I got a master's degree in counseling after a long career in nonprofit management.  As I did those things, I kept reading and practicing astrology, bodywork, feng shui - LeNormand cards - you name it!  The quest I was on was to find tools to live a better, more informed life.  I became convinced that astrology was the best tool in the tool box.

In the course of my exploration, I connected with my mentor, a worldwide teacher and author, Steven Forrest.  If you have an interest in astrology, past lives or psychology, I can't recommend him or his books, too highly.

I was lucky enough to put my nonprofit background to use in helping establish the first accredited college that focused on astrology, Kepler College, by serving on the Board in Seattle.  Currently, I am a member of the Board of the Astrological Association of St. Louis.  I see clients in person every Monday, 1 - 7 pm at Mystic Valley in Maplewood, Missouri.  I also see clients on Zoom anytime.  And last, but not least, I offer mentoring lessons in astrology. beginning to experienced levels, via zoom.

Whether you simply want a reading or want to learn how to speak and read astrology, welcome!  You have come to the right place!  Call to schedule a time, 314-482-3017.


 Classes and Group or Private Tutoring

Private tutoring in astrology is available for beginners or more advanced students.

$20/hour per person. 

Private Readings

An astrology reading can be helpful in looking at any area of life - love, finances, health, and more.  Astrology helps you make choices to navigate your life.   You can request a reading:

30 minutes,  $50
45 minutes, $75

60 minutes, $100

Readings can be in person or via zoom.  Your birth chart is calculated and sent to you.  Zoom sessions are recorded and sent to you.

When is a consultation helpful?

Sometimes you just want to check in and see what is coming up for months or the year ahead.  As my mentor, Steven Forrest always said "There is no aspect so good you can't mess it up or so bad that you can't make it better."  Astrology helps you be conscious about your choices - instead of veering like a pinball, running up against unconscious old patterns that send you reeling through a maze!

Times when a reading is helpful:

When life is uncertain 

When you are making decisions

You want information about love, money, career, health, etc.

You want to know if you are on the right spiritual path for you

When you wonder how you are affecting/being affected by a significant other - a spouse, parent, child, etc.

And, of course, for fun!